About EMPWR:


Originally founded in May 2018 as a collaborative blog, EMPWR was relaunched in March 2020 as a publication focused on empowering content.


We are news and lifestyle with an empowering message, focused on platforming community voices, and sharing their stories, empowering people to take that leap, as well as championing excellence.

Who are EMPWR's audience?

Our audience are 18-35 year olds interested in social justice, the arts and creating content. They're trans-inclusive, sex-positive, anti-racist, mental health advocates who actively engage in breaking down the stigma surrounding things such as periods, sex-work and eating disorders.


They are thirsty for knowledge and love to engage with the experience of others.

Our audience want to know what's happening in their community, but they also want the latest in culture, beauty, entertainment, and the arts, to name but a few, because they are multifaceted with a myriad of interests.


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If you want to reach our audience, we'd be happy to hear from you. Drop us an email hello@empwr.ie.

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