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What is EMPWR?

EMPWR is a curation empowering content.  Our mission is to empower, inform, educate and inspire

We strive to EMPWR people to share their stories and their art. We want to enable cathartic storytelling and encourage people to do their thing.

We know that people not only want to know about the issues that they're passionate about, but they also want to know the best shows to watch, the cult beauty products they should try and the latest news on Beyoncé.

What sort of content is EMPWR looking for?

We're looking for content that matches our mission: to empower, inform, educate and inspire.


We publish everything from personal stories to book reviews, listicles and the latest music news.

The content can be something that you have empowered yourself to create too. We accept art in the form of photography, poetry and video.

If you have ideas you would like to discuss, please get in touch by email. We’re open to all kinds of digital content.

Our news desk looks after day-to-day breaking news stories. However, if you want to look at something more in depth or from a different angle we welcome it.

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How can I submit work to EMPWR?

Simply send an email to

Please include everything for your post from the title and the content to your signature! We accept video, audio, literary, written and visual content.

  • Please submit video / audio via either YouTube or SoundCloud links.

  • We ask that you proof-read submissions and ensure there are no spelling mistakes. Our editor will still edit and format work to meet EMPWR's publication standards.

  • Ultimately, you’re responsible for what you submit. Please ensure you’re not violating any copyright.

  • We are a loving, all-inclusive community. We will not accept submissions that are homophobic, racist, sexist, ableist, transphobic or discriminatory in any form.

  • All submissions must be emailed as an attachment. Please don’t send text in the body of an email.​

  • Before submitting work, we encourage you to read our style guide and submission guidelines. You can download it by clicking here

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