• Clodagh Meaney

10 books about white supremacy and anti-racism

Empower yourself to dismantle your internalised racism

By Clodagh Meaney

Last Monday, May 25th 2020, George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American man from Fayetteville, North Carolina, was murdered by white-police officer Derek Chauvin.

George was arrested in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and while handcuffed, lying face down on the street during the arrest, the officer put his knee on the victim's neck for approximately 9 minutes.

During the murder, which was captured on video, George repeatedly called out "I can't breathe," and despite becoming unresponsive less than 3 minutes into the attack, the officer continued to hold him down for a further 6 minutes.

The death of George Floyd sparked global outrage, which was followed by a worldwide conversation about racism.

George Floyd

In the days following his death, riots began in Minneapolis before spreading across the country.

Yesterday, over 5,000 Black Lives Matter activists marched peacefully across Dublin City. They met at The Spire on O'Connell Street, and made their way to the American Embassy in Ballsbridge.

The protest also sparked conversation about racism in Ireland, particularly racism perpetrated against Black Indigenous People of Colour, and black immigrants.

As the conversation continues, we at EMPWR want to raise the voices of black people as we stand with them in the fight against racism, bigotry and discrimination.

As a platform ran and edited by a white woman, we cannot ever fully understand the affects of racism, and will never speak for, or over the black community. We will however, always stand alongside our black brothers and sisters in solidarity as they raise their voices.

We have always stood against racism and discrimination, but now is the time to make sure that even after the dust settles that people of colour are still fairly platformed and represented across the media.

As we continue to empower and encourage our white readers to educate themselves, we begin by sharing with you 10 books written by people of colour about how to dismantle racism and face into the realities of white supremacy.

Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad

Released on February 4th 2020, this book is about combating racism and becoming a good ancestor.

Author Layla Saad began Instagram challenge #meandwhitesupremacy which spread far and wide. Encouraging people to own up and share their racist behaviors, thousands participated in the challenge with almost 100,000 people downloading her Me and White Supremacy Workbook.

Updated and expanded from the original workbook, Me and White Supremacy, goes deeper by sharing stories, and adding historical and cultural contexts. The updated book also includes expanded definitions, examples, and further resources.

Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendall

Penned by cultural critic Mikki Kendall, this book sheds light on the issues often forgotten by mainstream white feminism.

This book looks at the fight against racism, ableism and transmisogyny and how they intersect with gender.

Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge

In 2014, journalist Reni Eddo-Lodge posted an article to her blog entitled 'Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race.'

Her words hit a nerve with the post going viral, and becoming flooded with comments from other people wishing to speak up about their own experiences.

Exploring issues from eradicated black history to the political purpose of white dominance, whitewashed feminism to the link between class and race, the author offers essential new framework for how to see, acknowledge and counter racism.

How to Argue with a Racist by Adam Rutherford

Written by Adam Rutherford, a British and Indo-Guyanese geneticist, this manifesto is a 21st century understanding of human evolution and variation.

As the appeal to strengthen racist ideology using science is on the rise, this book helps to debunk stereotypes and myth about race that are expressed but not supported by the modern study of human genetics.

Black, Listed by Jeffery Boakye

Written by English teacher Jeffery Boakye, Black, Listed takes a look at global black history and investigates the ways in which black communities have been represented, oppressed, mimicked, celebrated and othered.

This part historical study, part authobiography is an attempt to make sense of blackness.

It explores a range of social and cultural contexts including sport, politics, music and criminal justice.

Don't Touch My Hair by Emma Dabiri

By Nigerian-Irish author Emma Dabiri, Don't Touch My Hair uncovers how black hair culture can be a visual representation of black opression and ultimately, black liberation.

From women's solidarity and friendship to forgotten African scholars and the cultural appropriation of Kim Kardashian's braids, the scope of black hairstyling ranges from pop culture to cosmology, from prehistoric times to the (afro)futuristic.

Biased by Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt

Written by American psychologist Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt, Biased uncovers everyday unconscious biased which affect perception and behaviour.

The author unpacks how biases can affect every part of society from the classroom to the courtroom and everything inbetween.

White Privilege: The myth of a post-racial society by Kalwant Bhopal

Kalwant Bhopal is a Professor of Education and Social Justice, and in this book she explores how people from black and minority ethnic communities continue to be marginalised.

Looking at how how neoliberal policy-making has increased discrimination faced by those from non-white backgrounds, the author examines the impact of race on wider issues of inequality and difference in society.

The Clapback: Your Guide to Calling Out Racist Stereotypes by Elijah Lawal

This debut book from Elijah Lawal examines the evolution of the negative stereotypes towards the black community and arms you with the tools to shut them down once and for all.

The author takes readers through history by providing facts and detailed research, this is a refreshing look at the relationship between race and language.

This Book Is Anti-Racist by Tiffany Jewell

Written by Montessori teacher, and dedicated anti-racism activist Tiffany Jewell, this book is

20 lessons on how to wake up, take action, and do the work.

Looking at the origins of racism, this book gives you the power to undo it. Each chapter builds on the previous one as you learn more about yourself and racial oppression.

This book also includes 20 activities get you thinking and help you grow with the knowledge.

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