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In the name of the Almighty

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

By Anne Casey

Clouds swarmed in great dark clumps A malformed day transformed to murk As she was dumped – a squall settling Beyond wailing walls, wind bawling Following through the icy halls Head bowed, bag in hand Flat soles slapping cold stone flags And the flailing later Rain pelting the rattling panes Sleety pellets rat-tat- tattling Piercing teardrops glistening Spittle sprayed in the face A dark veil drawn Across her Devil's spawn Born under a cloud A storm in stained swaddling This pink squirming sin Slight in the hand Delivered to darkness as the Paling face of day turned away To a railing night Silent mite Dispatched before He ever saw the light

In memory of the eight hundred unnamed babies whose remains were recovered from the grounds of the former Tuam Mother and Babies Home in Ireland, and the many others yet to be discovered. First published in Femasia magazine, April 2018.

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