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Small enough to step on

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

By Molly-Mae

Don't step over my defeated body without so much as a glance

Please don't pick up a pint glass instead of me

My young eyes are my voice don't avoid them

Pet my head, tell me it's okay, admit your mistakes as a whisper in my ear

I won't understand but do it nonetheless

You didn't choose me and I don't understand that yet but want me

One day I'll think you're pitiful

But that day is not today

One day I won't need you.

The future holds no smiles for you so treasure them while they're still stamped on my face

Don't frown when I smile

Won't I dream of that frown later?

You don't know how easy I'll recoil

A brush of a loving hand on the cheek?


High and low I'll search for you in strangers

Doesn't the notion disrupt your slumber?

Do you dream about me staring at the bottom of a glass?

Aren't I the last puff of smoke?

Aren't I the last laugh?


For now

I'm small enough to step on

Keep me like that in your mind

Don't comprehend me grown.

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