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This Fresh Hell - Intact

Updated: Mar 9

By Niamh McGoldrick

This is a sonic baby created by Des Garvey and I. Des is a producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and a very very very (x600) dear friend.

This Fresh Hell is a project he had set up a while ago; Irish musicians would feature on the tracks and gig with him, sort of like cameos in a film. Last year, we made a tune in his bedroom for the laugh and next thing I knew, I was actively involved in This Fresh Hell, spending wee hours of the morning in the studio fleshing out ideas and enduring hand cramps from writing so much.

This particular track was written essentially in one night if I remember correctly. The lyrics were scribbled down quite quickly; they don't really have a definitive meaning but it's a platonic love song: Perhaps telling a story of a bond created by a shared tendency to self destruct.

It tells of going on unhinged adventures that you don't think will end at the time, free from humdrum responsibilities, but also of how real life inevitably comes back to bite you in the ass...

As if I wasn't chuffed enough with how it turned out, our saxy friend Sean (the Furey) popped in and laid this absolutely killer sax over it. I feel it completes it so perfectly and gives it this slinky movement we wouldn't have been able to capture otherwise, making it a lot more accessible too.

We're in the process of filming a video for Intact at the moment. It's a precursor to an EP to be released very soon.

Listen here.