you have to be tough to be a man

Updated: Mar 9

By Anne Casey

there are things they don't tell you when at nine or ten if you're lucky a considerate mother or sister sits you down to tell you good girl and how very lucky you are that inside you is a miracle of soft warm tender places where if you're lucky very very lucky you can grow a small perfect child from the tiniest seed this very considerate mother or sister omitting the bits about how many times good girl you will spread your legs for foreign objects to probe the miracle of your soft warm tender places how very very lucky you'll be when a man you've never met before tells you good girl to take off your panties curl up in a ball and face the wall like a small unwilling child so you can't see when he shoves the sharp shock of cold steel from behind inside your soft warm tender places the weight of him pressing and breathless right before he tells you good girl

Take off your top and bra


You have beautiful breasts

as good girl you stand before him so he can examine them first with his roving eyes then with his tough manly hands and though you are no longer nine or ten sitting good girl with a very considerate mother or sister because politeness and your place in life always guided you to never be that small unwilling child good girl you don't think to resist

until his smiling assistant good girl behind his plush reception desk hands you back your used card and revolt crawls out of your good girl soft warm tender places but you're lucky oh so very very lucky to be a woman because you have to be tough to be a man but women are formed from goddesses' tears and shards of splintering stars under millennial layers of immeasurable downward pressure in secret places bubbling to thousands of degrees of ancient raging heat before erupting from the surface

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