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RQR call for Trans-inclusive language in Abortion Legislation

Updated: Mar 9

By Clodagh Meaney

After the recent landslide victory in the abortion referendum, Radical Queers Resist, have called for members of the public to contact their local TDs to ensure that the misogyny, transphobia, classism, racism and ableism of the 8th Amendment is eradicated.

You may know the Rad Queers as the superheroes of this referendum, protecting us from the graphic imagery that has been popping up throughout Dublin City Center in the lead up to the referendum (and still!) They describe themselves as a 'Radical queer group fighting for change by direct action'.

They have outlined some topics they recommend you cover in an email or letter to your local TDs.

Cost - Healthcare shouldn’t cost more than a Ryanair flight. We need to mindful of working class people, people living in poverty and migrants and people in direct provision. Healthcare needs to be for everyone. Maternity care is free in Ireland, as part of pregnancy care abortion care should be free.

Geographical spread - Make sure everyone can get healthcare close to them. If there is a waiting period people wont be able to travel and take time off work.

Gender neutral language - Because we have self-determination of gender we need the legislation to say “pregnant people” not “women” so that everyone can access care.

Buffer zones for protesters - Already proposed by the government. We need a zone where people like the ICBR can’t show up and harass people seeking care.

Aftercare - Post-abortion mental health care is essential. We need meaningful supports.

If you're unsure who your local representatives are, you can find out here. You will also be able to find their email/postal addresses.