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Empowered women empower women

Updated: Mar 9

By Michaela Carolan

I constantly second guess myself. Even when I’m writing this I’m second-guessing what to put down on the page. I write words and instantly delete them. I read over things I’ve written and tell myself I’m not good enough. I’m my own worst critic.

The scary thing about getting older is that inner voice doesn’t seem to get any quieter. I always feel like I should have my shit together by now. I tell myself I’m twenty-two, I should know what I’m doing with my life! And then I take a step back and look at myself and say, I’m twenty-two, who has their shit together at twenty-two?

We all walk around telling ourselves that we should know what we’re doing, we should have a life plan. We look at everyone else around us and think “They know what they’re doing. They have their shit together.” We compare our friendships, relationships, our jobs, our hobbies to everyone else and that inner voice tells us we’re doing something wrong. When in fact, we’re all the very same. Everyone is secretly panicking and that’s okay.

The comforting thing about getting older is that you’re not alone. Everyone around you feels the very same. Someone may have a better job, or a nicer car, but they’re probably looking at you and thinking the same thing. They’re more than likely second-guessing themselves, comparing themselves to you.

It’s not good to compare yourself to anyone. It’s not good for your mental health, and I know sometimes you can’t help it. That inner voice comes out to say something negative before you have time to stop it, the thoughts leave a lasting impression on you. But instead of comparing yourself to someone and envying something they have, use that as motivation for yourself. Use the comparing, second-guessing voice inside your head to motivate you to get what you want. Other people’s success is not your failure. Use someone else’s success to push you and make you want to achieve your dreams.

Stop second-guessing yourself. Get out of your own way and achieve what you want to achieve.

Empowered women empower women.