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Healing courtesy of mná na Éireann

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

By Molly-Mae

brilliant women

with freckly shoulders and strong arms

from dragging around the pasts mistakes.

stomping the streets with bags of messages and a child in tow.

always there for a chat, a cry, even just a look,

to let you know that the world isn't crumbling beneath you

dealing with anything and everything

with a smile, a cup of tea, a

" you'll be alright pet "

And you will, with their love and support

What else would you need?

harsh words occasionally but never for no reason

Only used when necessary, to wake you up, enforce realization.

Something about their comfort, their smell, their touch : heals.

The powerhouse of family’s, friendship groups, communities.

Forever there

Always proud, always healing.

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