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5 reasons to obsess over Megan Thee Stallion

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

She's truly an icon in the making

By Kellie McCarthy

Currently, we are being blessed with many amazing female rappers, from veteran Nicki Minaj to newcomer Cardi B, there are a beat and rhyme for everybody.

With others like Doja Cat and singer/rapper Lizzo making their way into the charts and our hearts. With this wave of talent, we have been blessed with Megan Thee Stallion.

The Houston native has brought us hits like ‘Hot Girl Summer’ and new anthem ‘Savage’. (A Nicki and Beyoncé feature before she even releases her first album).

Below are five reasons to love Megan Thee Stallion:

She gettin' that paper

You would think that being in such high demand Megan would have little time for anything else, but she is also a college student. Megan is currently studying health administration at Texas Southern University.

She's open about her grief

Megan has also been very open in talking about her grief of losing her mother and Grandmother just weeks apart, and how she copes with the loss and times when it’s harder than others. Her honesty has no doubt been a great help to her fans.

She loves her squad

How much she loves her friends - Megan’s Instagram is always full to the brim of content featuring her and her friends, whether they are doing shots or making up dance routines it always looks fun and carefree.

She's relatable

Megan is also a fan of doing her own makeup - which makes her even more relatable.

She's honest with her fans

Megan is no stranger to setting the record straight, whether she’s blasting gossip about who she’s dating or not dating or cutting out the middle man and give her fans the facts (for example, giving her fans the full low down on her leaked mug shot).

Not only is Megan’s music a gift that we all needed but she is also beautiful inside and out and makes us all want to be her!

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