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7 new books coming out in June

This month has some exciting new reads

By Clodagh Meaney

As Summer swoops in, we're all about finding the perfect reads for those long days in the back garden, because let's face it, it's going to be a while before we're queuing at the airport for a sun holiday.

If you're interested in reading brand new books this summer, we've got you covered.

Here's 7 fresh reads landing in stores this month.

The Restaurant by Roisin Meaney

Release Date: 4 June

From Limerick writer Roisin Meaney, The Restaurant is about love and loss, published by Hachette Books Ireland.

When chef Emily is left at the altar in front of her family and friends, she swears off love forever and instead throws herself into her new business: a restaurant with a difference, designed with the single diner in mind.

Now it's two years later and, with her business thriving with regular customers, romance is still the last thing on Emily's mind - until she receives a letter from her ex who is returning home from Canada with a burning question for her... Will Emily give up her business for the life she used to want, or will she realise that happiness might be on the menu a little closer to home?

Jump by Daniella Moyles

Release Date: 5 June

The debut book from Irish media star Daniella Moyles published by Gill Books.

"The point of all this has nothing to do with finding yourself. It's about what you can do to lose what you don't need."

It's a dark rainy afternoon on Dublin's jammed M50 motorway. The rain is hammering on the windscreen of Daniella Moyles' car. She is 26, a highly successful radio presenter, model and influencer, but panic is building in her head and chest, the internal state of affairs she has been trying to ignore finally spilling over into something undeniably physical.

She is frozen, petrified, looks to her boyfriend and says, 'I don't know who or where I am.' This day changed Daniella's life. It derailed almost everything she had worked to achieve and set her on a new path.

Jump is the story of what happened when Daniella quit her job to backpack around the world for two years, and how freedom from the trappings of what society considers success leads to true contentment, strength and authenticity.

How To Fall Apart by Liadán Hynes

Release Date: 11 June

Published by Hachette Ireland, this book is Liadán's debut

When journalist and podcaster Liadan Hynes's marriage ended, it felt like a loss: of her best friend, her partner and of the happy ending she had envisaged on their wedding day. In the months that followed, she had to adjust to a different future - as a single mum, juggling work, school runs and managing a home -- without someone to share the ups and downs of everyday life.

Here, in this memoir, she gives an account of her experience and how after her world fell apart, she was able to put herself back together: single, stronger, surrounded by love.

From navigating Friday-night dinner parties and Saturday nights alone on the couch to therapy, meditation and having more gurus than is sensible, How to Fall Apart is a story of one woman who, when life took her in a new direction, discovered the value of different kinds of love and, in doing so, found herself and began to live on her own terms.

The Lightness by Emily Temple

Release Date: 11 June

From The Borough Press, this novel from American author Emily Temple is funny and smart.

One year ago, the person Olivia adores most in the world, her father, left home for a meditation retreat in the mountains and never returned.

Yearning to make sense of his shocking departure, Olivia runs away from home and retraces his path to a place known as the Levitation Center.

There, she enrols in their summer program for troubled teens, a 'Buddhist Boot Camp for Bad Girls', and finds herself drawn into the company of a close-knit trio of girls determined that this is the summer they will finally learn to levitate, to defy the weight of their bodies, to experience ultimate lightness.

But as desire and danger intertwine, and Olivia comes ever closer to discovering what a body - and a girl - is capable of, it becomes increasingly clear that this is an advanced and perilous practice, and there's a chance not all of them will survive.

Women Don't Owe You Pretty by Florence Given

Release Date: 11 June

Published by Cassell, Women Don't Owe You Pretty is the debut book from activist and illustrator Florence Given.

The book, which is the ultimate Fuck You to beauty standards, is perfect for anyone who wants to challenge their subconscious biases supplied by the patriarchy.

Through Florence's story you will learn how to protect your energy, discover that you are the love of your own life, and realise that today is a wonderful day to dump them.

This book is here to remind you that not only do you owe men shit, but in particular, you don't owe them pretty.

Guilty by Siobhan Macdonald

Release Date: 11 June

From Cork Author Siobhan Macdonald and published by Constable, this suspense thriller set in Ireland.

Doctor Luke Forde has a perfect life. A respected heart surgeon, he has a rewarding job, a successful wife, and a daughter, Nina. From their beautiful house overlooking Carberry Lough in County Clare, they present a portrait of family bliss.

But over the course of a weekend, Luke's life spirals into chaos. It begins with the word 'GUILTY' painted on his boathouse one morning. Then he spots a chilling notice in the local newspaper. When this is followed by the delivery of a small coffin-shaped package, Luke is terrified. Someone knows the dark secret he is hiding. And someone is out to get him.

Luke begins to be plagued by horrifying anonymous messages, and it transpires that it's not only Luke the sender is intending to harm. With strange things happening in the operating theatre, Alison's political ambitions straining their marriage, and Nina's behaviour sparking all sorts of trouble, Luke turns to therapist Terence Black.

Is the therapist the only one that can save Luke and his family from the horrendous secrets of the past?

Unfiltered by Sophie White

Release Date: 18 June

Unfiltered. published by Hachette Ireland is the sequel to Sophie White's 2019 novel Filter This.

When Ali Jones faked a pregnancy to gain more Instagram followers, it should have made her a pariah on the Insta-scene but it turns out that her followers love a bit of drama and now she's more popular than ever. So when Amy Donoghue, social media manager extraordinaire steps in to rehabilitate her image, Ali realises she may have to wade once more into the grubby Insta-hole.

With her ex, Sam, still ignoring her and her mother Mini having a mild grief-induced psychotic break (her scheme for scattering Miles' ashes seems not only bonkers but borderline illegal), Ali's got little else to cling on to but #sponcon and #ootds.

Meanwhile Shelly is trying to settle into her new life as a mum-of-two while being held hostage by her mysterious Insta-stalker whose sole objective is to keep Shelly on Instagram.

But with her fellow Mummy Influencer friends @HolisticHazel immersed in creating WYND festival (her answer to the Goop Summit) and @PollysFewBits being as nondescript as ever, Shelly must get to the bottom of it herself.

When Ali starts attending Catfishers Anonymous as a part of Amy's plan for Image Rehab, she discovers some information that may just help Shelly.

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