• Clodagh Meaney

7 true crime YouTubers I'm binge-watching during lockdown

By Clodagh Meaney

Like most people, I am obsessed with true crime. It's the psychology of the criminal mind, mixed with the mystery of a good whodunnit that fascinates me.

While true crime content is traditionally available through podcasts, books, films, and documentaries, I have recently found myself obsessing over true crime vloggers. A fan of multi-tasking, I find YouTube to be great company when I'm cleaning, cooking and especially when I'm doing my make-up (more on that later).

Consuming true crime content through YouTube is less formal than a documentary with each vlogger bringing their own personality to their content. For the most part, they are excellent at researching cases to bring the core details of the story to their viewers in an informative yet engaging manner.

The stories they chose can vary from famous serial killers to less known cases from their local area - this variety is something you can't always get from Netflix series or podcasts.

If like me, you're a bit late to the party, here are some of my favourite YouTubers to get you started:

Elenor Neale

Elenor Neale is a 21-year-old YouTuber from the north of England. Her videos include make-up, day to day vlogs and for the most part, true crime.

Her approach to the genre is honest with the best of intentions to do justice to the stories of each victim. She even manages to let her personality shine through as she covers some really tough cases.

Bella Fiori

From Brisbane, Australia, Bella Fiori is a 22-year-old YouTuber.

She started out on social media as fashion, travel and beauty vlogger and recently began covering true crime cases on her channel.

Kendall Rae

Kendall Rae is one of my all-time favourite vloggers. She's fun, informative and covers a wide variety of true crime cases.

Kendall recently produced and presented a two-part documentary for her channel about the Christian Andreacchio case. She travelled to his hometown of Meridian, Mississippi and spent time with the family of 21-year-old Christian who they believe was murdered despite his death being ruled a suicide. A must watch for any true crime fanatic.

Danelle Hallan

Danelle Hallan is a mother of two from North Carolina, USA.

Mainly covering missing person cases, she is an advocate for the victims in the stories that she tells. While most of these cases don't have a conclusion due to their nature, Danelle also covers other topics including solved cases, Jane/John Doe cases and conspiracy theories.

Shannon Spence

Shannon Spence is an Irish YouTuber from Dublin.

Along with true crime, she makes videos about conspiracy theories and the paranormal.

Shannon has a series on her channel called Wine & Crime where she tells a guest the gruesome details of a true crime case while the pair enjoy a bottle of vino.

Stephanie Harlowe

A meticulous and informative vlogger, Stephanie Harlowe is based in the United States.

She approaches true crime cases with a fine-tooth comb. Unlike most other true-crime vloggers, Stephanie often dishes out her own theories and takes on the crimes.

Bailey Sarian

If like me, you like to combine true crime and make-up then this is the channel for you.

Posting new videos twice a week, Bailey is an incredible artist who brings her vibrant personality and to the stories that she covers on her channel.

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