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8 reasons Lisa Simpson is a feminist icon

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Slaying since 1989

By Kellie McCarthy

The Simpsons have given us many iconic quotes and pearls of wisdom over the years, and many have come from the everlasting eight year old Lisa!

In the 30 plus years that the show has been on air, Marge and Homer’s middle child has become somewhat of a feminist icon.

From not conforming to stereotypical gender roles to standing up for what she believes in, she is what we aspire to be.

Here are eight times Lisa Simpson was the feminist icon we all needed:

Lisa Lionheart

Pic: Fox

When Lisa received a barbie as a gift she was less than impressed and decided to try making her own. The result was Lisa Lionheart, who would say: "Believe in yourself and you can do anything."

Baseball Coach

Pic: Fox

In the episode MoneyBart, Lisa takes charge of all boy baseball team.

She is treated no differently because she is a woman, and does an amazing job coaching the team.

Avid reader

Pic: Fox

Lisa is known as an avid reader, one of her most notable reads is the magazine Non Threatening Boys.

Blondes are not stupid

Pic: Fox

In the episode To Surveil With Love, Lisa’s IQ is doubted because of her blonde hair.

She therefore she decides to dye her hair brunette to prove that blondes and brunettes are no different.


Pic: Fox

Lisa isn’t just super intelligent, in the episode Lisa On Ice she proves her sporting ability by playing on the school ice hockey team (once again she slays).

Beauty Queen

Pic: Fox

There was also the time Lisa became a beauty queen and decided to use her platform to improve her city. Goals.


Pic: Fox

In a classic Halloween episode Lisa asks the age old question "why is it that when a woman is confident and powerful, they call her a witch."

No husband for Lisa

Pic: Fox

Lisa is also known for her quick wit and won’t change for anyone, when Marge tells her that sarcasm won’t find her a husband she replies “ok no husband” yas queen.

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