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A Promise

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

"I will hold your hand, say your name, educate and fight."

By Louise Keogh

I will be kind.

When the discussion becomes jokes that always seem to go too long,

I will ask the uncomfortable questions, deal with the eye-rolls and yawns.

I will be quiet.

Your voice should fill the room, opinions loud and clear,

Because my skin-tone does not inhibit me from speech, when you speak I will hear.

I will be angry.

The discussions in work, on the bus, across the dinner table

Will not end in placated tones, because the debate regarding race shouldn’t be enabled.

I will be stupid.

Sometimes I will stumble, trip and fall over what I think I know

But I will not ask you to lift me, expect you to tell me when I should have grown.

I will be there.

Until you can walk free and unafraid through life,

I will hold your hand, say your name, educate and fight.

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