• Clodagh Meaney

Bia by Codex Beauty is the Irish clean skincare range you're going to fall head over heels for

Created by Barb Paldus and Tracey Ryan, not only is it vegan, cruelty free and sustainable... it actually works!

By Clodagh Meaney

People with sensitive skin, rejoice, for we have found a clean beauty brand that you are going to adore.

Founded in 2018 by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Barb Paldus, Codex Beauty began working in collaboration with Irish herbal scientist Tracey Ryan just one year ago.

The partnership brought Tracey's skincare brand Bia along with her ethos of “if you can’t eat something, then you shouldn’t put it on your skin," to Codex Beauty's mission to create a collective of clean, natural skincare brands from around the world.

It all began when Barb spotted Bia Beauty at Cork airport, where she purchased some cream and brought it back home to the United States where she tried it on her son Joseph, who has very reactive skin. So impressed by the product, she reached out to Tracey to collaborate, and so Codex Beauty's Bia range was born.

Tracey Ryan

Bia creator Tracey Ryan grew up in the mountains of rural Tipperary, and as a young girl she experimented with plants and botanicals from nearby fields.

She went on to study organic horticulture and sustainable development. It's there that she developed an extensive knowledge of herbs and native plants, and soon began experimenting with simple remedies; from elderberry syrups to chickweed balms.

Tracey then began to advance her career with a degree in herbal science, it is during her time in college when the seeds of Bia Beauty began to bloom.

In her final year of study, she was asked to create a natural product where she was required to write a business and marketing plan to go with it.

For the project she produced a natural moisturiser made entirely from edible and plant-based ingredients.

Her product was such a hit, that she began to sell it at local farmer's markets.

Wanting to continue on her journey to craft natural remedies, Bia Beauty was born.

Today, Bia's original moisturiser has evolved into the Calendula Day Cream as part of her line with Codex Beauty, and is one of the brand's most popular products.

The brand brings together a unique blend of ancient Irish herbal knowledge with modern science.

Every formula is powered by bio-actives that are extracted from native Irish plants such as meadowsweet, elderflower and bog myrtle. Each plant is harvested by local organic producers and developed using high-tech manufacturing practices.

The collection has been certified by both the The Vegan Society and Leaping Bunny, whom have verified that the products are both vegan and completely cruelty free.

Bia by Codex Beauty has also been recognised by Carbon Footprint Standard for having a low carbon footprint, and by Eco Cert for their environmentally friendly and socially conscious practices.

Their skincare is packaged in tubes made from renewable sugar cane that have a negative carbon footprint and are easily recyclable.

Bia, which is the Irish word for food, is formulated in Co. Cork and produced in Co.Offaly.

Designed to cleanse, hydrate and protect the skin, Bia is a unisex collection for creating a healthy and radiant appearance.

The collection includes an exfoliating wash, day cream, eye gel and facial oil as well as skin superfood a repairing cream that nourishes and soothes irritated skin.

The line also features a borage and blackcurrant wash-off cleansing oil that protects, cleanses and rejuvenates tired skin. It has chia seed oil that helps to hydrate and protect the skin moisture barrier and oat lipid oil to soothe and calm irritated skin.

Cold process soaps | Bia by Codex Beauty

The Bia line also includes a stunning collection of cold process soaps made from plant-based butters, oils and essential oils that won’t strip skin or disrupt its natural pH.

They include a balancing soap created with French green clay and wheatgrass, an uplifting soap made with pink French clay and rose geranium swell as an invigorating soap of Cambrian blue clay and serrated wrack and a cleansing soap with bamboo charcoal and spruce.

Excellent for people with sensitive skin, or skin issues such as dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema, the brand is adored by beauty bloggers and industry professionals alike.

Codex Beauty is available to purchase from Meadows and Byrne, McCauley Health and Beauty Pharmacy, Cara Pharmacy, McAuliffes Craft Shop and Rainbow Kids, as well as their website, CodexBeauty.com

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