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Poetry on EMPWR by Caoimhe Weakliam

By Caoimhe Weakliam

do you see the blossom trees like I do

a sight brand new, through a baby’s gaze

don’t the bees linger longer

a dotted phenomenon of yellow and pink

among a blue that I’ve slipped into

on so many occasions. caught stifled by its endless scene

far and few are clumps of smog that have grown elderly

and from every crevice, birth and blossom

a laze of movement, slight yet colossal

the earth oozing with its effect. filling with a breath

of perspective and pause, bursting


the colours leaving our hair

packing up, moving out

exposing bare identities we had forgotten about

browns and gingers pure, could blend in with the soil

re-introducing ourselves

with our humour and turmoil and quintessential humanity

from the roots of our scalp

to rusted hands

that brush off the dust, dye words into paper

pink and platinum locks were a statement

but couldn’t express adoration like an I miss you

on a page through a letterbox

do you hear the world like I do

a thank you from the mouth

of a victim of our habit, shifting from a planet

to a home

where sounds roam the streets we don’t

the enlightened air a vessel

for melodic laughter, authentic chatter

at times just our own mild hum

and solitary song from birds that sing

perched on blossoming pink

for the first time in a while

aren’t you listening

who could have known

who would have thunk, to debunk

the accolades of what we call modernity

would be a simple breakthrough

pollutions and possessions

a foe we did not know, stopped. moving slower

such thing as too much. when all a soul really craves

is to touch. we must ask when last we truly did

cleanse our hands and selves raw

run them along the petals, engraving words into fruition

learning lessons from the blossoms

framing an older, wiser vision

© 2020 by EMPWR

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