• Clodagh Meaney

Celaviedmai drops brand new track Questions

The Galway rapper has joined forces with Blanchardstown prodigy Nealo

By Clodagh Meaney

Irish rap star Celaviedmai has dropped a brand new track, Questions.

The song is an Ode to feeling alone in the world, and features Blanchardstown rapper Nealo, AKA, Neal Keating.

Born Maimouna Salif, 26-year-old Celaviedmai hails from Galway on the West coast of Ireland.

She dropped her first single, Dive back in 2018 after featuring on Lose Control with Tomi Keni.

Selected as a Plec Pick for 2020, she told Goldenplec in an interview that she is completely dedicated to her career as a musician.

"I’m really dedicated to my music. I told myself, if I want to make it, it’s really up to me. It’s not up to anyone else, so I have to make the sacrifices. I’m broke most times but at least I’m getting there," she said.

.“I could do any music, I like anything, I like what sounds good, I’m waiting for a rock band to approach me," she joked.

“I’ll show you guys any genre, I need my time to be Avril Lavigne!”

Celaviedmai is managed by Gxrl Code founder, DJ Mona Lxsa and has been involved in the collective since the beginning.

You can listen to her brand new track below.

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