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"You showed me your true colours, but I pretended I couldn’t see."

By Jessica Viola

I painted a more flattering

Portrait of you

Because I never really saw

You at face value

You showed me your true colours

But I pretended I couldn’t see

And eventually became colourblind

To all of your insanity

Red flags waved

More than 4th of July parades

And even though I noticed them

Somehow I still stayed

And when times felt blue

I tried to fix your broken parts

But you can’t help someone

Who isn’t willing to restart

When things were mellow

And yellow and light

Your dark demons dragged me down

And still I would never plight

You fumed green when it ended

Envy coursing through your veins

My portrait stayed intact

Still pristine it remained

Violence turned to violet

You tried to bruise me with your words

I concealed all the damage

And told myself it could be worse

It was never black and white

Somehow I only knew you as shaded

You had always shown yourself to me

I choose to see that the saturation was faded

But that portrait was distorted

Only a former perception of you

And now that I see it so vividly

You’ll always be those colours through and through

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