• Clodagh Meaney

EMPWR welcomes Agony Aunt Nicole to the publication: "Long time agony, first-time aunt"

By Clodagh Meaney

When EMPWR first launched in 2018, were very hashtag blessed to welcome the wonderful Michaela Deane to the team as EMPWR.ie's very first agony aunt. Michaela's column 'It's oGay - The LGBTQ+A' answered readers questions from how to shop as a plus-sized trans woman to how to casually come-out to friends.

As Michaela departed these shores and moved to Canada to work as a Journalist, there was a gap left at the publication, and within Irish digital spaces for a much needed LGBTQ+ Agony Aunt.

Since relaunching last week, EMPWR has been preparing to introduce you to the newest member of our team to help our readers with their dilemmas.

Be it Love, Life or LGBTQ+, Dear Nicole... the brand new column from Nicole Clevenger will serve as your close friend and confidant for honest and refreshing advice.

"Long time agony, first-time aunt," as she describes herself, Nicole says she is looking forward to dishing out her own brand of advice to EMPWR readers.

"My advice is usually doled out to drunken ears in the ladies toilets on nights out, but now it is being delivered straight to you. I am uniquely unqualified to assist anyone but I’ve never let that stop me before," she said.

"Don’t take advice from people who have their life together, ya can’t trust ‘em. Take advice from me, a Certified Mess." "I’ve been telling people what they should be doing since I was sprouted in the cultural metropolis of Navan, Co. Meath," she explained.

"After graduating from Maynooth University I moved to Taipei, Taiwan and now I am shaping the minds of the next generation as a teacher."

If you'd like to send in a question or dilemma to Nicole anonymously, for her first column you can do so here.

And don't worry, we can confirm she's still giving her advice on nights out.

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