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Erica Cody calls out Versatile rapper for harassing her in a car park

The singer said she was blocked into a parking space while being filmed and mocked

Singer Erica Cody has called out Versatile rapper Casper Walsh for harassing her in a car park.

Taking to Instagram, Erica posted a seven-minute video detailing the incident.

"My heart is like literally about to jump out of my chest, I'm livid," she began.

"I'm upset yes 'cos I'm a human being first of all but I can't even believe I'm sitting here and I have to make a video about this and give these mother fuckers more air time."

"A line has just totally been crossed," she continued.

Erica then went on to explain how she spotted the Versatile rapper and prepared to drive off before being blocked in.

"I was sitting in my car just minding my own business," she explained.

"I'm sitting in the car parking spot and from the corner of my eye I could see him, and I was like it's grand, I'm just going to drive off."

"So I reach down to put my AirPods back in my bag and I look up and he's sitting there blocking me into my car parking spot with his girlfriend and her mate," she said.

Erica did not name the perpetrator in her video but outed him in the comment section of her post.

"Oh this is about Casper from Versatile btw," she wrote.

On Twitter, she further clarified the incident.

"Versatile move so funny... imagine being called out for being racist, having chance after chance to redeem yourself... you say nah f*ck that... continue to (try) humiliate me online... and when you see me in person you block me into a car parking space and film me while laughing?" she wrote.

Versatile were recently slammed by the music community for a "performative" post which condemned the murder of George Floyd.

It came as Erica had previously called the group out for their racist, misogynistic lyrics as well as a previous incident involving a photograph of Casper wearing Blackface.

Erica was among people including Celaviadmai and Oyinza who asked for the group to apologise and acknowledge the hurt they had caused the Black community in Ireland.

They later posted an apology to their Instagram account, saying they had learned what it means to be "anti-racist."

"We do not stand for discrimination or racism," they wrote, apologising for the anti-Black stereotype portrayed in their song Dublin City G's.

"We thought the progression in our music would demonstrate our stance on this but we have learned that it's not enough to be quietly against racism."

"We have learned over time what it means to be actively anti-racist, instead of simply not racist,"

Neither Casper Walsh nor Versatile have yet addressed Erica's video.

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