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Far from home

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Poetry encompassing the difficulty of Sunday blues and leaving your home town

By Louisa Keogh

Today was an alright day,

Tomorrow might be too,

But if Thursday and Friday linger a while,

By Saturday I’ll have you.

The weekend will speed along,

Finishing with squeezy hugs and bye, bye, byes,

The train and bus up are always the same,

I’ll be fine once I get there, won’t cry.

Settling into the week once more,

It’s easy to get through it,

But often, when the day gets long,

I’ll make a list, stick to it.

Eventually phone calls will slow down,

Texting ‘Home now, safe’ the new steady,

I’m finding my life now and I love it,

Becoming used to it now, I feel ready.

For the life beyond these days,

When you put my fears at bay,

To strive and make you proud

Of all the times I couldn’t stay.

But when this life gets crowded,

And phone-calls aren’t enough,

I know there is a place I can go,

To hear, ‘It’s ok, the world is tough’.

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