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Far from home

Updated: Jul 1

Poetry encompassing the difficulty of Sunday blues and leaving your home town

By Louisa Keogh

Today was an alright day,

Tomorrow might be too,

But if Thursday and Friday linger a while,

By Saturday I’ll have you.

The weekend will speed along,

Finishing with squeezy hugs and bye, bye, byes,

The train and bus up are always the same,

I’ll be fine once I get there, won’t cry.

Settling into the week once more,

It’s easy to get through it,

But often, when the day gets long,

I’ll make a list, stick to it.

Eventually phone calls will slow down,

Texting ‘Home now, safe’ the new steady,

I’m finding my life now and I love it,

Becoming used to it now, I feel ready.

For the life beyond these days,

When you put my fears at bay,

To strive and make you proud

Of all the times I couldn’t stay.

But when this life gets crowded,

And phone-calls aren’t enough,

I know there is a place I can go,

To hear, ‘It’s ok, the world is tough’.

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