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#FreeBritney: RuthAnne, the Irish songwriter behind Work Bitch speaks out

"It's gone too far..."

The Irish songwriter behind Britney Spears' hit single Work Bitch has spoken out about the #FreeBritney movement.

RuthAnne from Donaghmeade, Co. Dublin also a co-wrote JoJo's Too Little Too Late, Slow Hands by Niall Horan and No Control by One Direction.

Speaking to Deirdre O'Shaughnessy on Corks 96FM this morning, the 35-year-old said the situation regarding Britney Spears has "gone too far."

"Britney definitely hasn't been independent for some time now," she said.

"I think that she has struggled with her mental health, there's no doubt about that... but the situation that it got into, as with everything, it's just gone too far."

"At the beginning she just needed some help to get back on her feet, but it's gone too far."

"She was such a massive part of pop culture and I don't know if she ever really was being taken care of."

The #FreeBritney movement dates back to 2009, when fans disagreed with Britney's initial conservatorship which has seen her father and lawyers have a legal guardianship over the singer.

The complex legal arrangements mean that Britney's personal and financial decisions have been in the hands of others for the past 11 years.

RuthAnne released her debut album, Matters of The Heart last October.

She recently co-ordinated Irish Women in Harmony, a collective of over 30 Irish musicians who came together to release a song in aid of SAFE Ireland.

The track, a cover of The Cranberries 1992 hit Dreams, was produced by RuthAnne and raised over €215,000 for domestic abuse survivors across Ireland.

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