Here's a list of books by women as recommended by EMPWR contributors

Updated: Mar 9 celebrated International Women's Day by inviting activists, artists, writers and EMPWR contributors to take over our Instagram stories to talk about some of their favourite womxn.

They spoke about what feminism means to them, and recommended their favourite book by a female writer. Incase you missed it, we've compiled a list of the books that were recommended by our contributors.

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plaith

Recommend by: Sarah Magliocco, Clara de Year and Ly Kerr.

Sylvia Plaith's only novel was the most recommended on the day. The book was praised by blogger Ly Kerr journalist Sarah Magliocco and This is Not Consent founder Clara de Year.

The book was originally published in 1963 under Plaith's pseudonym "Victoria Lucas". The book is semi-autobiographical and follows a young woman navigating her way through mental illness. Our International Women's day contributors cite the book as one of their first experiences with understanding mental illness through literature.

Plath died by suicide in London a month after the book's publication.

Women & Power by Mary Beard

Recommend by: Meg Mulcahy.

This manifesto was recommended by EMPWR contributor Meg Mulcahy.

Taking a look at the gender agenda, this book explores how power has treated women throughout history. It also touches on Beard's own experiences with power and misogyny.

Tracing misogynist roots back to Athens and Rome, this 115 page book is a must read for any feminist. A tiny pocket size read that wouldn't go a miss, even by the controversial standards of Marie Kondo.

The Beach Cafe by Lucy Diamond

Recommend by: Lizzie Reid.

Published in 2011 by Lucy Diamond, real name Sue Mongredien, EMPWR contributor Lizzie Reid described it as her "dream book".

Following the life of 30-something year old Evie, who's stuck in a bit of a rut, The Beach Café is a book form cup of tea. It follows the protagonist through heartbreak and grief, to success, glory and ultimate happiness. It does sound rather dreamy.

The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck by Sarah Knight

Recommend by: Claire, Jane & Beccy from Vokxen.

This self-help book was recommended by the gals from Belfast based band Voxken.

It is one of five 'No Fucks Given Guides', which includes other titles such as 'Calm The Fuck Down' and 'You Do You'.

No doubt, this book that has given these empowered women an edge as they navigate their way through the music industry as strong independent women; who don't give a fuck. We stan.

Needlework by Deirdre Sullivan

Recommend by: Courtney Smyth.

Citing this as one of many of her all time favourite books, bookworm Courtney Smyth reckons this novel deserves a special mention as Irish writer Deirdre Sullivan is "liquid magic".

Through the eyes of a teenage girl, this book is about finding your place in the world. It explores themes of domestic violence, violation and neglect.

Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

Recommend by: Lee from The Wild Mamas.

The founder of The Wild Mama's, Lee recommends, this book as it was her inspiration for founding the group. They believe that the power of healing oneself can help mothers to raise their wildlings with a wild power.

Published in 1992, the author is a post-trauma recovery specialist. The book explores the myths and stories of the "wild women" archetype.

Boasting a front cover recommendation from Maya Angelou, we're not sure how much more convincing you need for this one.

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