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'I'm a bitch to myself most days': Little Mix open up about being kinder to themselves and others

The girl group have spoken openly about self-worth and self-esteem

Little Mix have opened up about ways they are being kinder to themselves and others following COVID-19 lockdown. The four-piece girl band consisting of Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jade Thirwall and Perrie Edwards appeared on Glamour Unfiltered, a Podcast by Glamour Magazine, where they discussed self-esteem and self-worth.

Speaking to Josh Smith, the pop sensations discussed how they are trying to change negative behaviour towards themselves.

"Quite recently, unfortunately, I haven't been very kind to myself and I think it's because of being stuck indoors for a few months," said Jade Thirwall. "I've ate shit," she laughed.

"I've tried quite a few bottles of wine. I sort of, not let yourself go, but I think there was a period where, obviously, we all found out being locked down, and said, 'Aww, sweet, time off!'"

Jade said she was comfortable relaxing but gelt guilt for not being productive.

"I punished myself for a while about that."

"I had to learn to, instead of being really angry at myself, and disappointed in myself, to be very kind to myself about the way I looked and felt," she explained.

"I had to learn to be like, 'Do you know what? Give yourself a break! You've had a bit of time off, everyone's going through it right now, mentally. Everyone's finding different ways of coping with this.'"

For Perrie Edwards, she is unkind towards her body and says she picks herself apart when she is papped in a bikini.

"I'm going to be honest and say, the times I actually pick myself apart and feel miserable is when I get papped in a bikini," she began. "Or papped in a way that one, I'm not aware that I'm being papped, and two, it makes me feel dirty."

"People will say to me, 'Oh, you look great' and I'm like, 'Are you kidding me? Do I look like that?'," she explained.

"Then I'll cry. Like, I'll actually cry. I’ll say, 'I'm hideous, I'm this and this'," she said adding: "It really gets to me and I have to remind myself to let it go."

"It's a few bad pictures, who cares? But it takes a lot to get to that point. It’s easier said than done, it’s really horrible," she concluded.

"I went through a period of just not thinking I was good enough," said Leigh-Anne Pinnock.

"I wish I wasn't so hard on myself. I picked myself apart, my ability and I wish I'd just believed in it more because it's always been there."

Jesy Nelson, who earlier this year released a documentary with BBC Three about the online trolling and bullying she faced for her appearance said: "I'm a bitch to myself most days."

"If I'm feeling good in myself, then I'll praise myself," she added. "Like Jade, if I'm feeling sh*t in myself, then I'll just really beat myself up about it."

"I'll literally pick myself apart," she explained.

"Then sometimes I'll have to check myself and I have to be like, 'This is life. Sometimes you're gonna look like sh*t. Sometimes you're gonna eat crap food and you're gonna put on weight and that's just life. And sometimes you're gonna lose it.'"

"Stop bullying yourself, cause you would never do that to someone else. I genuinely believe that we find it so easy to be so nasty to ourselves but yet we'd never do that to someone else."

Jesy said that the things that women say to themselves, they would never project on, or say to any other person.

"I think it's so easy to do that and so easy to like, 'Oh God, I look disgusting,' and just saying these hurtful things."

"We don't actually realise what we're doing to ourselves mentally. And really, to train our brain to saying positive things to ourselves, I genuinely think that our mental health would be so much better."

Admitting that it's often easier said than done, Jesy said it's a journey we all need to go on.

"I generally think that if we can be kinder to ourselves and say more positive things to ourselves than negative, we'd all just be more confident and happier in ourselves. The relationship that you have with yourself, is the hardest."

Jesy said simply giving someone a compliment can completely change their day and their mindset.

"I just think giving a compliment to someone, you never know what someone is going through," she said.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock added: "Can you imagine how amazing this world would be if we're just nice and everyone was kind to each other? It would be a different world!"

The group's latest single, Holiday, is out this Friday.

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