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If you like 'ugly' make-up you'll love these Instagram accounts

These artists use colour, mixed materials and texture to create controversial looks.

@radioactive.pigeon & @strange_and_misguided | Instagram

Instagram is known for its almost mathematical cat-eyes, perfect ombre lips, and chiselled contour, but as the aesthetic revolution thrives on, these Instagram accounts are throwing out the rule book and curating the "ugliest" make-up looks possible.

And by ugly - of course we mean artistic, striking and sorta genius.

Here are just a few of our favourite accounts creating some of the coolest content on the 'gram:


Run by Eszter Magyar, this Budapest born, Berlin-based MUA has described her art as "controversial, conceptual and raw."

Looks include cotton wool teeth and mushroom eyelashes.


Based in Singapore, the mind behind Radioactive Pigeon, Julia Lee, experiments with different colours and textures.


18-year-old Darby Woodlief uses everything from food scraps to random objects to create her self-dubbed 'ugly' make-up looks.


Using image editing, Russian artist Sam creates looks using distorted proportions and strange textures.


Lisbon based artist Sara Marques de Oliveira, aka dapperfish, experiments with colours, textures and art materials to create avant-garde make-up looks.


Art and design student Mary from Moscow uses colour and abstract shapes to create striking looks.


Wilma Stigson is a Swedish artist based in the UK. Using sequins, cotton balls, stick-on gems and more, she creates detailed full face looks.


From Hanoi, Vietnam, this artist paints striking, colourful avant-garde looks that are straight from a Billie Eilish music video.


New Zealand born make-up artist Lochie Stonehouse has painted famous faces such as Lorde, King Princess, Troye Sivan, The 1975 and Fifth Harmony.

His personal looks use abstract shapes, colours and stick on jewellery.


Also known as Rosanna, strange_and_misguided mixes materials with make-up to create interesting looks.

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