• Clodagh Meaney

Immigrant Council helped 27 victims of trafficking in 2019

Women and children were among those trafficked for sexual exploitation

By Clodagh Meaney

A new report released by the Immigrant Council of Ireland shows that the organisation assisted 27 victims of sex trafficking during 2019.

The independent law centre was set up in 2001 to provide assistance to people from a migrant background.

During the last year, the centre say they have provided legal advice and assistance to 27 women and children who were trafficked into the country.

All but 4 of the 27 were trafficked for the purposes of sexual exploitation. 3 were trafficked for domestic servitude and 1 for enforced criminality.

"All were women and sadly, sometimes just girls when they were first trafficked," their report states.

"Often these young women were referred to us by partner agencies and we were able to provide legal advice and support to assist their formal identification as a victim of trafficking."

"During 2019 we also helped these women secure temporary residence permissions; regularise their immigration status; renew longstanding residence permissions; obtain citizenship by naturalisation; submit travel document applications and make family reunification applications, plus we settled High Court procedures favourably," it continued.

In the last year, the organisation also launched a new transnational EU Project called ASSIST: Gender-Specific Legal Assistance and Integration Support for Third Country National Female Victims of Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation.

"The project provides legal advice and will develop improved approaches to integration for trafficked migrant women recovering from sexual exploitation," the report explains.

"The initiative takes specific account of the gender dimension of trafficking in Europe and the gender-specific harms and trauma associated with trafficking for sexual exploitation."

In 2019 the council took 5,000 calls about topics such as citizenship, family reunification, EU treaty rights and employment rights. 54% of the calls came from women.

If you require assistance from the Immigration Council of Ireland, you can contact them on 01 6740200. You can learn more about your Immigration rights here.

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