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Immigrant Council of Ireland welcome diversity as Limerick elects their first Muslim Mayor

He is the second Muslim person to be elected as a Mayor in Ireland.

The Immigrant Council of Ireland have welcomed diversity as they congratulate Abul Kalam Azad Talukder as the first Muslim Mayor to be elected in County Limerick.

The Bangladesh native who moved to Ireland in 2000 to work in a bar was elected as the Deputy Mayor of Limerick City and County Council winning 31 of 39 votes.

In an Instagram post the ICI congratulated him on his new position.

"A huge congratulations to Abul Kalam Azad Talukder who was elected Deputy Mayor of Limerick City."

"Originally from Bangladesh, Talukder made history in 2019 when he became the first Muslim elected to the City and County of Limerick Council," they said. "We wish him all the best in his new position!⁠"

"In the last few weeks we've heard a lot from people on the subject of racism and diversity, and many people of colour have raised awareness around the lack of diversity among our leaders," the post continued.

It comes as Hazel Chu was elected as Lord Mayor of Dublin, earlier this week.

She is the first person of colour, and the 9th woman to take on the role.

Hazel Chu

"With the elections of Talukder in Limerick and Hazel Chu as Lord Mayor of Dublin, we are hopeful more migrants will see themselves represented in Government and be inspired to become more active in politics," they said.

"With 1 in 8 of us coming from a migrant background in Ireland today, the time for more diversity in Government is now!⁠"

Abul Kalam Azad Talukder has been a Fianna Fail councillor since 2018. He began working with the party in 2004 when he worked alongside former Junior Minister Peter Power within the migrant community.

Known fondly to locals in his community as "Jackie," the 51-year-old is a father-of-two who runs a number of local businesses in the area.

Rotimi Adebari became the first Muslim mayor in Ireland in 2007 when he was elected to the position by Portlaois Town Council.

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