• Clodagh Meaney

Ireland’s first Zero Waste Vegan Supermarket opens in Dublin

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

By Clodagh Meaney

If you’re one of the many Dubliners looking to make more sustainable choices, this new store

has you covered.

Veganic, Ireland’s first of it’s kind zero waste vegan supermarket opened recently in Dublin 2.

They promise that all their products are 100% organic, plant-based and vegan-friendly. The eco-conscious store sells everything from fruit and vegetables to household and personal products as well as vegan meat and cheese.

“At Veganic there is something for everyone. Every meal is catered for, we also sell cosmetics

and environmentally-friendly hygiene products”

On the concept of the market, store manager Jenny said: “Vegans had no one-stop location in which to shop in and many people who are trying to reduce their meat intake for personal health or environmental reasons had no one destination in which to shop which offers high quality produce.”

Bring your own jars if you’re planning a visit as their zero waste food dispensers mean you can stock up on everything from pasta, rice and lentils to cereals, seeds and nuts; all without the plastic guilt. While a lot in the store is zero waste, any packaging is biodegradable.

"Buying less packaging is also a huge step that people can take and our zero waste dispensers which dispense organic products help with this. "

Located on the ground floor of Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre, they’re a first of its kind store to sell a wide range of products.

“Whether you are vegan, trying to reduce your meat intake, seeking high quality organic

products or just want to reduce your waste, Veganic is your one-stop-shop.”

Veganic is open daily from 9-7, 9-9 on Thursday and on a Sunday you can catch them 11am-

6pm. Follow them on Instagram here.

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