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Let's talk about sex: 6 Irish podcasts that you should know about

Ireland is a far cry from the sex-shy nation we once were.

When it comes to sex, Irish people are pretty shy talking about it, but we're certainly not too shy about having it.

A survey conducted in 2017 by affair dating site VictoriaMilan revealed that Irish women have the most sex in Europe, even more than our male counterparts.

So to help you get your tongue wagging a bit more, we've compiled six of the best Irish podcasts all about sexuality:

Glow West

Hosted by Dr. Caroline West, this podcast is all about sexual wellness.

Alongside a range of guests discussing sexuality and the body, the podcast plans to host events such as talks, workshops and more.

Guests on the show have included Shawna Scott, Aoife Martin and Bulelani Mfaco.

Bits of Me

This brand new podcast, hosted by writer Linnea Dunne is all about women's bodies.

Discussing everything from period pain and hymens to endometriosis and incontinence, this podcast is leaving no flesh unturned.

Guests so far have included Lynn Enright, author of The Vagina: A Re-education and journalist Kate Brayden.

Our Sexual History

Our Sexual History is a nine part podcast by Shawna Scott, created for Headstuff.

Exploring "the different backstories to one of the most universal aspects of being human," (sex that is) the podcast dissects topics such as sex in pop culture, sex in Irish mythology and the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment.

Sitting In A Car

From sex-educator Sarah Sproule, comes her brand new podcast Sitting In A Car, which began in March as the COVID-19 pandemic told hold.

The premise of the podcast is that Sarah sits in her car (to get some quiet from the children) where she answers parent's questions to help them raise informed young people who respect themselves and others.

She's covered everything from contraception and consent to morning erections and all the other 'awkward' stuff kids ask their parents about sex!

Pure Filth

As the name of this one suggests, Pure Filth is "a podcast about riding." Pure, unfiltered, unadulterated, riding.

Hosted by Shelly McCormick (and formally Sarah Tyrell) the podcast which is currently on hiatus, has covered everything from swinging and anal to masturbation and dick pics.

The Shift

From comedian Des Bishop and Katie Boyle, The Shift is a hilarious sex and relationships podcast.

With Katie located in the USA, the project explores dating from both sides of the Atlantic.

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