• Clodagh Meaney

Life Effects: Peer to peer platform launches to support Ireland's 391,000 family carers

June 8th - 14th marks Carers Week

By Clodagh Meaney

A brand new peer to peer platform has been launched to help support Ireland's 391,000 family carers.

Life Effects, launched by Teva Ireland is a support platform where carers share advice, insights, tips and technologies to help other carers who are on the same or similar journey.

Through the site, carers and patients share their invaluable advice and insights from their own life experiences dealing with chronic conditions and provide support for those looking for advice or tips to help with their role as a caregiver.

The ability to connect with other people who have previously, or are currently, going on a similar journey is powerful and can provide the comfort and reassurance a carer is looking for, and needs.

Yvonne Neeson from Teva Ireland highlighted the challenges carers face everyday and particularly during the COVID-19 health crisis.

“We are extremely proud to bring Life Effects to Ireland. We understand the immense challenges carers are under every day, particularly in light of COVID-19. We salute carers across Ireland who sacrifice so much to make such a difference to the person in their care."

"We want to help make carers visible, to give them a voice – a platform to share tips, advice and support which is why Life Effects is very important. This new platform is a way for carers to get peer to peer support and take comfort in the knowledge that other carers are on a similar journey," she continued.

Supporting the Life Effects campaign are Ailbhe and Izzy Keane, founders of Izzy Wheels, who are highlighting the amazing contribution carers make in the lives of people across Ireland every day.

Izzy, who has Spina Bifida says that this Carers Week in particular with COVID-19 it’s important to mark and celebrate carers all over the country: "This year's national Carers Week is arguably more important to mark and celebrate than ever before. COVID-19 has forced many people with disabilities, like me, to really reflect on the myriad of ways that we are cared for. In my case, my friends and family fill in the gaps of things I cannot do for myself, and this week I really want to make the effort to make sure that they are aware how grateful I am to them for that," she said.

“I am really lucky that Covid-19 has not forced me to adjust very much when it comes to who provides my care because luckily for me, I am living with my parents and therefore get to isolate with them. For many people with disabilities, COVID-19 and quarantine has meant that they have had to adjust to care being provided to them in new and different ways."

"Professional carers are not currently allowed to do home visits for people with disabilities as a result of quarantine rules and because of this, family members have had to step in, understandably so in the name of safety," she explained.

"It has been quite an adjustment for many with disabilities to get used to different people helping them with new tasks, and also an adjustment for many able-bodied family members helping their loved ones with a disability in ways which they never have before."

"It’s important to acknowledge the amazing and essential work being provided by carers all over the country and to guide them to helpful sources of advice and support from fellow carers, like Life Effects."

You can visit Life Effects here.

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