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Blue Whispers

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

By Vanshika Dhyani

My hands dig into

The collar of your shirt,

The pink penchant of abstraction,

Echoes & whispers your name

You’re the king of libertine.

My nails, stained with your cologne,

Caterwaul under your skin.

The buttons of your blue shirt,

Fall into this abyss, bestrew.

The raindrops against the window,

Pitter patter in your eyes.

The road roars and fades,

Into the waves of dissolution,

Into the shapes of the winter sky,

Rainbow, like a constellation

Unrecognisable, to the thin air.

Your hands on the steering,

Where would we go?

You and I,

Ripped at the edges,

Waiting for our fingers to intertwine,

Concentric circles on your palm,

The runway reflects stars,

I secretly wish for

A water landing,

A bouquet of red roses,

And him.

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