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Rock-hard Pride

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

"On a June afternoon, a stone was thrown"

By Daniel Durand

I didn’t know if it was a stone or a brick or a rock

which embodied their longing for change

Nor do I know who was the first to throw

Or what it’s like to be that enraged

I can’t relate to the severity of their struggles

Or their pining just to be

Their passioned panting and coupled chanting

Still ring on through the streets

I didn’t know the lady whose head was hit

Or the tensions among the crowd

But her call to fight forged an ignite

Of a necessity to stay loud

What I do know though

Is how strong one rock can be

After years of degrade it may never fade

Its preserved integrity

A fight for love is one that’ll prevail

It’s above us, like the white dove

On a June afternoon, a stone was thrown

Not for war, but rather love.

The strong crowd and their conjoined will

Compiled like the colours of a rainbow

Each colour unites to make a peaceful white

Echoing the feather that fell below

Today I know the pains and woes

Of those before me, of their cries

I have them to praise for my loving days

A rock may sink so a dove can fly

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