Sabbatical that bleeds sunsets

Updated: Mar 9

By Vanshika Dhyani

I wake up at four in the morning,

And walk to your heart,

I sketch my sorrow upon your walls,

And return home.

You wake up at seven,

Paint over it with black,

And then you go back to sleep.

Fractured love letters,

Tucked inside a white envelope,

Slipped in between a pile of books.

Thunder was born in between those pages.

You're the ocean,

You're the sunset.

One day bleeds into another,

The storm stands still,

Outside my bedroom door,

Awaiting my arrival.

I'm in hiding.

Been there forever.

Come out every once in a while,

To peek at the outside world.

But the criminal genius of it all,

Gets me.

Seeps into my toes,

And sends chills up my spine,

A home to call my own.

And a sabbatical,

For the past seven years,

Spent in prison

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