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Save some space

Written with peace and empathy in mind, this piece looks at the #SpeakingOutMovement

By Louisa Keogh

I dream of space.

Space to think and breathe and feel without the limitations of doubt and outside criticism.

To develop feelings and process them to gain clarity without shame.

I wish for understanding.

Experience is not a mark on your existence, nor is it justification for future treatment;

Your body does not owe any debt, your vulnerabilities are something to be protected and

supported, not exploited by greedy entitled hands.

I long for change.

A shift in the norm, in the view of what people can get away with based on circumstance and the general opinion that consent is something that can be assumed, something given without question.

Getting away is a luxury for those that have not grown to doubt the strength of the body that was used as a weapon against them.

I beg for listening.

A cry to never blame a person whose life has been betrayed without protection.

Because when the big bad world is painted that way, it becomes vague and intimidating in its mystery;

Those lurking behind closed doors, in bushes, a quickening pace on a dark evening street.

But I pray for the world to pay attention to those in the bedroom, on the dance floor, in texts and behind closed doors.

Because those worlds are built on trust and broken by abuse, shaped by manipulation and misinformation.

It is a long road, so do not walk alone.

Allow yourself to feel in a place that does not allow it, to question daily rhetoric, to

breakdown group chats and conversations full of disdain.

Protect yourself against demands and jokes that are never funny,

Jokes poorly told but envelop all that is lacking, all that is real.

All that is wrong in this depthless fight for the right to speak into acceptance, To save some space for yourself.

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