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Scarlet Fever

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Caoimhe Weakliam's debut poem on EMPWR

By Caoimhe Weakliam

do you ever get that scarlet fever?

inner sniggering demon

blush stained face

does it ail you at two in the morning

are you a slave to its subordinate fate

some damned warning

of the vulnerable state

red and awake

as if our ancestors bled masterpieces by the day

but I would say they slept at night

no snake around their necks

no repetitive check for validation

salivating at its prospect

no matter if you tore your being in two

dipped a pen in its bleed

sank to the rock of your core

to swim back to shore

with a canvas soaked in new

cupped in wrinkled hands

evoked from lips blue

you’d tuck it in your back pocket, wouldn’t you

stranger’s inner monologue

a dangerous rope between two fates

to tease but rarely take the step

to think the fall may end in death

a colossal misconception

brush scabbed knees of the dust of rejection

stand on feet resurrected

strife for a voice not wasted

on pages caged by bedroom corners

a dissipated scream

landing dreams on the birds

they don’t speak this language

the lure of quiet dismissal doesn’t entice

the rising lump in my throat

this isn’t the rusting metal playground

it’s the blooming meadow

and like the burning bush

I’m lighting it ablaze

with the scarlet flame evicted from this face

© 2020 by EMPWR

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