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Sculpture of Black Lives Matter protestor erected in place of slave trader statue

In June, a statue of Edward Colston was removed and thrown into a river by protestors in Bristol.

Jen Reid | Instagram

A sculpture of Black Lives Matter protester, Jen Reid, has been erected in Bristol in place of a statue of Edward Colston.

On June 7th, Jen and a number of other protesters toppled the statue of the 17th century slave trader before dumping it in the nearby Bristol Harbour.

The art instillation 'A Surge of Power' was created by artist Marc Quinn based on a picture of Jen who was captured standing on the plinth after the original statue was removed.

This morning as dawn broke in Bristol, 10 people worked together to place the sculpture on Colston Street, also named after the slave trader.

Standing in front of her likeness, Jen told The Guardian: “It’s just incredible, that’s pretty fucking ballsy, that it is.”

“Being up there, with my fist raised – it was an amazing moment, and this captures it. It gives me goose pimples," she said.

Jen's daughter Leila Reid said the work of art is surreal.

"It is incredible seeing it."

"It’s surreal. From the kneecap to the shape of her hands - it’s just her," she said.

"She’s proud to represent a movement, and if there’s a better way to do that I can’t think of it."

Created with black resin and steel, it is uncertain if the sculpture will remain in place as Bristol Council were not informed and did not give permission for the work to be erected.

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