Poet Louisa Keogh reminds us that sunshine is never far away

By Louisa Keogh

When Derek Mahon said ‘The sun rises in spite of everything’, I think of you.

You, who rises so fearlessly day after day to greet a world that can be so cruel,

That lifts those that love you and understand those that don’t.

When looking for a source of sunshine, darling please look no further.

Your flaws are no more than traces of a life worked and lived, surviving the bad days and

thriving on the good,

Creating and maintaining growth and patience at your own pace, allowing others to help

you breathe and talk and laugh.

The sun is not made from those that reject the weak and vulnerable, that judge those that

seek its rays;

It is a fighter, accepting that each night around the world, darkness must come before it can

glow anew.

You are so capable of glowing, just keep calm in the gloom.

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