• Clodagh Meaney

Terrified: Cancer patient shares emotive video as vital clinics cancelled meanwhile pubs reopen

"It just seems really backwards that we're figuring out when the pubs and the hairdressers are gonna open and I can't get any of my clinics."

By Clodagh Meaney

'Terrified' cancer patient Aoife Rafter took to Twitter to share an emotive video calling for action from Minister for Health Simon Harris as a vital cancer clinic she was due to attend is cancelled.

The 28-year-old who finished radiotherapy in January, due to COVID-19, has since had all her scans and examinations cancelled.

Aoife, from Co. Kildare, also has Cystic Fibrosis meaning caution surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak is essential to her.

Taking to Twitter she shared: "Yet again, another of my Oncology Apps switched to a phone call for tomorrow."

"No examinations, no tests, scans or screenings. Surely we could start focusing on getting Hospital Clinics up and running now that Penneys open and pubs soon to follow?!" she queried, tagging Leo Varadkar and Simon Harris in the Tweet.

Aoife went on to post a follow-up video in which she told Government leaders that she is "terrified."

"I just got a call to say that my radiotherapy appointment for tomorrow has been switched to a virtual clinic," she began.

"I obviously understand that this is for the protection of patients, but it's really hard because I really wanted to go in and have an exam and have all my bloods and stuff done, like tests and an examination and none of that's happening now."

"I haven't had a scan at all and I was diagnosed with cancer, this time last year," she said.

"This is just endless I really thought I was going to have this clinic tomorrow in St. James' and I don't."

Aoife then went on to highlight her frustration that plans are underway to re-open pubs and hairdressers following COVID-19 lockdown, meanwhile there is yet no word on when she can attend an oncology radiotherapy clinic.

"It just seems really backwards that we're figuring out when the pubs and the hairdressers are gonna open and I can't get any of my clinics. I can't get my cystic fibrosis clinic and I can't get my oncology radiotherapy clinics."

Speaking to EMPWR, Aoife said that she has not been able to access scans which would be able to confirm if she is in remission as she doesn't know if she's cancer-free long enough to be.

"I had successful radical hysterectomy surgery last August, followed by 25 sessions of precautionary radiotherapy to reduce my chances of reoccurrence which I finished in early January."

Since then she had one follow up appointment in February, and nothing further.

It comes following last weeks admission from BreastCheck, who confirmed that they do not yet have direction from Government on when screenings for breast cancer can recommence.

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