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The Scream of The Shining Armour

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

By Vanshika Dhyani

I wonder if the whole purpose of human existence

Is to seek meaningful relationships

To incarnate ourselves into these bodies

That can't become the legacy

The manifestations of our thoughts

Because lately,

It seems as if

All of us are staring at the moon

With tears rolling down our cheeks

Wishing upon every star

For our love to last

But he don't know

The boy with a burning cigar

The way you write songs for him

To play on his guitar

And the words you say

Over and over again

But you're tired of his lies

And him coming back home

God knows when

I wonder if the break of dawn

Ever ponders upon

Our heart break

It is the middle of the night

And your knight

In a shining armour

Has pushed you under the bus

You scream and claw

From under it's embrace

You had only ever been on

Two and a half dates

Maybe this is life for sin

And that is why I feel

So broken from within

I don't know,

Maybe you should ask

The love letters in my dustbin.

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