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This sexual wellbeing app is empowering womxn to explore their desires & prioritise their pleasure

The app uses mindful sex-ercises and erotic story-telling to help eradicate the orgasm gap

When I found out about Ferly, a mindfulness app - but for sexual pleasure, I was very excited.

Not just because I enjoy practicing mindful meditation, but because I really believe that womxn should advocate for themselves in the bedroom, and recognise the importance of solo-play.

The founders see Ferly as a safe space for womxn to practice mindful sex, and explore exactly what it means to them.

"Mindful sex means letting go of the ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldn’ts’, shifting our focus from orgasm to intimacy, and being confident speaking up."

"It’s about putting our sexual self-care front and centre, because, let’s be honest: it’s been a long time coming."

Research shows that during male-female sex, women only orgasm 30 percent of the time (while faking it 67 percent of the time), compared to men who orgasm 90 percent of the time.

This orgasm gap leaves womxn at a huge disadvantage during sex, meaning our pleasure is notoriously over-looked, which feeds into the patriarchal agenda.

When it comes to using the app to get intimate with your sex life, there are a variety of different types of content available.

On initial sign-up, you're asked a few questions about yourself, such as how much you enjoy sex, what you enjoy about it, your confidence levels and your general health. This means that the app can personalise content to help you empower your own sexual revolution.

The app offers guided solo practice and partnered play. You can explore different guided exercises like breath work, body neutrality and self-compassion.

There are also guided exercises on period sex, orgasms, and the clitoris that stimulate more than just your mind.

Sensual stories are perfect for both solo and partnered play. You can chose exactly how erotic you want them to be and whether they're read by a male or female voice.

You can also chose whether you'd prefer a male-female sex narrative or female-female one.

Championing consent, the app naturally brings that narrative to the table as part of their spine tingling stories.

From Psychotherapists to Tantrikas, all of the app's content is backed by research and written by experts.

As half of older women and a quarter of younger women struggle with sexual difficulties, Ferly is an accessible and affordable solution in a market that needs more innovation.

Founded by entrepreneurs Billie Quinlan and Anna Hushlak, who are both survivors of sexual assault, Ferly was developed by womxn for womxn.

"It's my personal mission to always work on projects that will empower womxn and girls," says Billie.

"No person should ever be a survivor of sexual assault, but that's not the world we live in."

"Ferly is our first contribution to changing this, it is my battle cry to smashing the taboos, ridding the shame, and taking my identity back. I know who I am."

For Ann, Ferly is about helping her to understand who she is, and more importantly who she isn't.

"I love sex but I haven't always," said Ann.

"For most of my early 20s, when it came to having it, I was 'there' but I was never really there. I didn't masturbate until I was 21."

"I didn't orgasm until my mid-20s. I was fucking great at 'faking it' though," she explained.

"I let the hands of others explore my body before I'd even explored my own. As I grew into who I am, my love for sex developed alongside the love I have for myself."

As a growing platform, the brand are currently developing paid membership models, but for now the app is free and currently available on the Apple App Store.

It is set to be released on Android within the next few months.

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