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Time Lapse

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

“My hands morph from old to new 

Like Mother Nature I change in front of you”

By Sehar Siddiqi

I used to sit inside my heart of hearts

Holding on

to all the memories 

that I could fit onto

my fingertips 

Over and over 

My nails are chipped 

My grasp loosens 

From all I’ve known 

My hands morph 

from old to new 

Like Mother Nature 

I change in front of you 

My father reminds me of this transformation 

When he compares me 

to foreigners 

From separate lands

Similar to the one we live in 

But it’s not quite right the land

For me 

My friends remind me of this change too

When they can’t seem to understand why 

I still write songs about them

And I,

When I asked you 

to come to my performance 

And treated it like 

It was a funeral 

I used to be able 

to pinpoint at everything 


My mind is jaded 

with too much memory 

And time is not on my side 

The clock is ticking 

This life is moving 

The sun is setting 

Between my eyes 

And burns a fire 

one last time

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