What feminism means to these empowered women

Updated: Mar 9

By Clodagh Meaney

On Friday, to celebrate International Women's Day, we invited people to submit videos for our Instagram stories to have a chat about feminism, empowerment and the women that inspire them.

And incase you missed it; here's what some of our speakers had to say about what Feminism means to them.

Courtney Smyth

Blogger & Writer

Feminism is about making sure there is a seat at the table for everyone. That's what feminism is at it's core; it's about dismantling structural, systemic problems we have in our culture and making it a safer better place for everyone.

Shawna Scott

Founder of Sex Siopa, Sex Educator & Media Personality

I've been thinking a lot bout the definition of feminism because historical there's never been one defining feminist movement there's been a lot of different types of feminisms and many of those move had different goals, and didn't always get along with each other. But looking at International Women's Day 2019 and beyond I like to think about my own individual form of feminism.

For me, feminism is about using ones platform and privilege to help support other women and female identifying people. It's not enough for us to lean in for our own self benefit, true feminism requires us to do a lot of listening, and to stand up for the rights of our most marginalised sisters.

Sometimes it's going to be uncomfortable and the journey itself is going be really hard work but the more women we pull up beside us the stronger we are and the easier it will be to achieve true equality.

Áine Ní Bhreisleáin

Journalist with RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta

What feminism means to me is supporting women, inspiring and praising them, helping or advising one another to achieve goals, in any way we can. Even simple measures like listening to women in radio or TV, making sure women have equal billing at events or debates, not slating or belittling one another. We all have a role in feminism, men and women and we should promote that idea.

Fionnuala Jones

Writer for The Daily Edge & Golden Plec

For me the definition has changed over the years as I've grown and as I've learned. I think that is probably one of the most important aspects of feminism is opening yourself up, to educating yourself and understanding that your not gonna know everything but other people will and most of the time they'll be willing to teach you and it's about opening your ears to these voices who more of then then not are not afforded the same platform which you might be. If your feminism isn't intersectional it should be.

Intersectional just means that it includes everyone. Everyone is involved everyone is included. Everyone is given their opportunity to speak and to grow and to learn.

Yes feminism is talking about the ways that you are effected in terms of discrimination based on your gender; but it's about checking your privilege. It's opening yourself up to having these conversations it's learning and listening all the time.

Nobody is perfect but it's one of those cases where if you're not sure on something don't feel like you have to give an opinion, or you have to say something. Feel free to take that time to read up on stuff and ask questions and that's ultimately what will make you a better feminist. You will thrive and grow and you'll be empowered.

Meg Mulcahy

Blogger & Writer

Feminism firstly means equality to me in all senses but more that that its about dismantling and unlearning inherited gender ideals and internalised oppression. It's about learning the confidence to own yourself and un-apologetically exist. It's something I check in with myself on daily, also feminism includes all genders. Demand better and treat each other better.

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